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01 Definitions, Style and Citations
Number Policy Name Responsible
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02 Policy Development
Number Policy Name Responsible
02.101 Policy on Approving Policies and Procedures Vaughn, Tori
03 Compliance
Number Policy Name Responsible
03.102 Detecting and Responding to Fraud, Waste and Abuse Ramirez, Desiree
03.103 Conflict of Interest Disclosure Ramirez, Desiree
03.104 Reporting and Training - Abuse and Neglect; Providing Notice to Victims of Family Violence Ramirez, Desiree
03.105 Campus Programs and Activities Involving Minors Ramirez, Desiree
03.106 Reporting Suspected Wrongdoing Ramirez, Desiree
03.107 Agreements with Potential Referral Sources Ramirez, Desiree
03.302 Compliance Program Non-Retaliation Policy Ramirez, Desiree
04 Administration
Number Policy Name Responsible
04.100 Brand Identity Policy Mohon, Monty
04.104 Tobacco-free Campus Policy Ross, Susan
04.105 Facilities Use Policy Ross, Susan
04.107 Inclement Weather Advisories Moncus, Matthew
04.108 Children on HSC Property Perdue, Dana
04.109 Pets on HSC Property Policy Perdue, Dana
04.110 Sponsoring and Co-Sponsoring of Certified Continuing Education McFadden, Pam
04.111 Carrying of Concealed Handguns on campus Clause, Laurie
04.112 Charge for Public Records Policy Perdue, Dana
04.114 Health Saver Program Release Time Policy Perdue, Dana
04.116 Access Control Policy Moncus, Matthew
04.141 Non-profit Mail Policy Mohon, Monty
Information Resources
Number Policy Name Responsible
04.301 Acceptable Electronic Communications Use Policy Dungan, Lynley
04.304 Data Integrity and Classification Policy Dungan, Lynley
04.305 Web Policy Mohon, Monty
04.308 Transmission of Health Information via PDA Dungan, Lynley
04.310 Records Management Program Policy Vaughn, Tori
04.311 Records Retention Policy Vaughn, Tori
04.312 Records Disposition Vaughn, Tori
04.313 Records Authorization Policy Vaughn, Tori
04.314 Records Management Employee Exit Policy Vaughn, Tori
04.315 Legal Hold Policy Vaughn, Tori
04.316 Archives Program Policy Vaughn, Tori
04.317 Computer Hardware and Software Procurement & Support Dungan, Lynley
Safety and Infection Control
Number Policy Name Responsible
04.400 Institutional Biosafety Policy Ghorpade, Anuja
04.401 Tuberculosis Exposure Control Jowitt, Jan
04.402 Hand Hygiene Jowitt, Jan
04.403 Waiting Room Infection Control Jowitt, Jan
04.404 Break Room Cleaning Jowitt, Jan
04.405 Plan to Manage the Influx of Potentially Infectious Patients Jowitt, Jan
04.406 Incidental Housekeeping Hartley, Jason
04.407 Cleaning of Blood- or Body Fluids-Soiled Areas Jowitt, Jan
04.408 Cleaning and Sterilization of Instruments Jowitt, Jan
04.409 Cleaning of Patient Exam Rooms Jowitt, Jan
04.410 Infection Prevention and Control Plan Jowitt, Jan
04.411 Storage of Linens and Supplies Jowitt, Jan
04.412 Disposal of Biohazardous-Infectious Waste Jowitt, Jan
04.413 Notifiable Conditions Jowitt, Jan
04.420 Annual Campus Safety Report Gailliard, Gary
04.430 Emergency Management Policy Moncus, Matthew
04.431 Occupational Safety Policy Moncus, Matthew
04.432 Ionizing Radiation Policy Moncus, Matthew
05 Human Resources
Number Policy Name Responsible
05.101 Personnel Policy Manual Purpose Perdue, Dana
05.102 Human Resource Services Functions Perdue, Dana
05.201 Nondiscrimination-Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Perdue, Dana
05.202 Age Discrimination Perdue, Dana
05.203 Employment of Persons with Disabilities Perdue, Dana
05.204 Employment of Veterans Perdue, Dana
05.205 Sexual Harassment Perdue, Dana
05.206 Whistle Blower Act Perdue, Dana
05.207 Racial Harassment Perdue, Dana
05.208 Consensual Relationships Perdue, Dana
05.209 Sexual Exploitation by Mental Health Services Providers Perdue, Dana
05.210 Procedure for Alleged Discrimination in Employment Perdue, Dana
05.211 Electronic and IR Accessibility Perdue, Dana
05.212 UNTHSC Sexual Assault Policy Perdue, Dana
05.213 Lactation Support Perdue, Dana
05.306 UNTHSC Salary Administration Perdue, Dana
05.307 UNTHSC Classification of Jobs Perdue, Dana
05.402 Procedures for Filling Vacant Positions Perdue, Dana
05.403 Beginning and Ending Dates of Employment Perdue, Dana
05.405 Promotion, Transfer or Demotion Perdue, Dana
05.407 Re-Employment and Reinstatement Perdue, Dana
05.408 Employment of Non-citizens Perdue, Dana
05.409 Return to Work Perdue, Dana
05.410 Reduction in Force Perdue, Dana
05.411 Early Retirement with Modified Service Perdue, Dana
05.412 Contract Workforce Perdue, Dana
05.413 Criminal History Background Checks Perdue, Dana
05.501 Orientation Perdue, Dana
05.502 Employee Affidavit and Certification and other Requirements Perdue, Dana
05.503 Change in Personal Status Perdue, Dana
05.504 Requests for Information Perdue, Dana
05.505 Employee Ethics and Standards of Conduct Perdue, Dana
05.506 Outside Employment Perdue, Dana
05.507 Employment of Relatives Perdue, Dana
05.508 Drug Free Workplace Perdue, Dana
05.509 Drug and Alcohol Testing Perdue, Dana
05.510 AIDS Policies and Procedures Perdue, Dana
05.511 Protection from Exposure to HBV Perdue, Dana
05.512 Records Administration Perdue, Dana
05.513 Employees and Students Rights Perdue, Dana
05.514 Violence in the Workplace Perdue, Dana
05.515 Drug and Alcohol Test for Drivers Perdue, Dana
05.516 Public Information Policy Perdue, Dana
05.519 Fraud Policy Perdue, Dana
05.520 Prehire Drug and Alcohol Screening Perdue, Dana
05.601 Official Workweek Perdue, Dana
05.602 Absence Attendance Perdue, Dana
05.603 Time and Attendance - Leave Records Perdue, Dana
05.604 Holidays Perdue, Dana
05.605 Vacation Leave Perdue, Dana
05.606 Sick Leave Perdue, Dana
05.607 Family and Medical Leave and Parental Leave Perdue, Dana
05.609 Military Leave of Absence Perdue, Dana
05.610 Absence to Attend Conferences, etc Perdue, Dana
05.611 Compensatory Leave and Overtime Perdue, Dana
05.612 Leave Without Pay Perdue, Dana
05.613 Sick Pool Leave Perdue, Dana
05.614 Other Paid Leaves Perdue, Dana
05.615 Injury Leave for Police Officers Perdue, Dana
05.616 Sick Leave Donation Perdue, Dana
05.701 Training and Development Perdue, Dana
05.702 Staff Development, Performance Planning and Review Perdue, Dana
05.801 Retirement Plans and Annuities Perdue, Dana
05.802 Uniform Group Insurance Perdue, Dana
05.803 Workers Compensation Perdue, Dana
05.804 Unemployment Compensation Program Perdue, Dana
05.807 Longevity and Hazardous Duty Pay Perdue, Dana
05.808 Charitable Contributions Perdue, Dana
05.901 Performance Counseling and Discipline Perdue, Dana
05.902 Voluntary Alternative Dispute Resolution Perdue, Dana
05.903 Employee Grievance Policy Perdue, Dana
06 Faculty Affairs
Number Policy Name Responsible
06.101 Faculty Development Leave Policy Peel, Claire
06.102 Regents Professorship Peel, Claire
06.103 Course Syllabus Policy for Faculty Peel, Claire
06.104 Faculty Absence From Class Peel, Claire
06.105 Faculty Role in Fostering a Culture of Intellectual Honesty Peel, Claire
06.106 Evaluation of Courses and Instruction Policy for Faculty Peel, Claire
06.107 Faculty Competence in English Communication Peel, Claire
06.108 Salary Administration - Faculty Peel, Claire
06.109 Extension of the Probationary Period for Tenure Peel, Claire
06.110 Tenured Faculty Administrators Returning to Full-Time Academic Status Peel, Claire
06.111 Substantive Change Policy Peel, Claire
06.112 Faculty Appointments - Affiliate Faculty Peel, Claire
07 Student Affairs, Education and Funding
Number Policy Name Responsible
07.101 Student Policy - Overview of Academic Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.102 Student Participation in Food Service Selection Hartley, Jason
07.103 Student Policy - Absence for Religious Holy Days Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.104 Student Policy - Participation in Special Environments Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.105 Student Policy - Americans with Disabilities Act Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.106 CARE Team and Involuntary Student Medical Withdrawal Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.107 Student Policy - Student Health and Health Insurance Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.108 Student Policy - Immunizations and Health Screenings Moorman, Thomas
07.109 Student Policy - Occupational Acquired Communicable Diseases Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.110 Student Policy - Substance Abuse Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.111 Student Policy - Sexual Harassment Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.112 Student Policy - Consensual Relationship Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.113 Student Policy - FERPA Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.114 Student Policy - Student Information Changes Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.115 Social Media and Professionalism Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.116 Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.119 Student Policy - Transcripts Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.120 Student Policy - Student Evaluation of Courses and Instruction Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.121 Student Policy - Conduct in the Classroom Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.124 Student Policy - Permanent Academic Record Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.125 Student Dress Code Moorman, Thomas
07.126 Student Policy - Student Code of Conduct and Discipline Moorman, Thomas
07.127 Student Policy - Student Grievance Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.128 Student Policy - Enrollment Status During Appeal of Expulsion, Suspension, or Administrative Withdrawal Moorman, Thomas
07.130 Student Policy - Student Travel Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.131 Student Policy - Transfer of Credit Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.133 Student Policy - Provision of Scholarships and Other Funds to UNTHSC Student Trainees Moorman, Thomas
07.134 Student Policy - Criminal Background Check for Students Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.135 Student Policy - Withdrawal for Active Military Service Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.136 Student Policy - Non-Academic Complaint and Grievance Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.137 Student Policy - Grading Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.138 Student Policy - Attendance Policy Moorman, Thomas
07.139 Student Policy - Technology Mediated Course for International Students Moorman, Thomas
07.141 Free Speech and Public Assembly Moorman, Thomas
07.142 UNTHSC Admission Policy Moorman, Thomas
08 Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer, Equity Development
Number Policy Name Responsible
08.101 Intellectual Property Policy Allred, Joe
08.102 Distributed Learning Creation, Use, Ownership, Royalties, Revision and Distribution of Electronically Developed Course Materials Meyer, Kim
08.103 Policy on Equity Acquisition Allred, Joe
08.104 Distance Education Courses and Development Meyer, Kim
09 Institutional Advancement
Number Policy Name Responsible
09.100 Affiliated Entities Policy White, Doug
09.101 Disclosure of Gifts From Foreign Sources, Foreign Governments and Foreign Persons White, Doug
09.200 Naming Policy White, Doug
10 Fiscal Management
Number Policy Name Responsible
10.101 Reimbursement of Expenditures for Official Functions and Administrative Business Meetings Ramirez, Desiree
10.103 Petty Cash Policy Anderson, Gregory
10.108 Endowment Policy Anderson, Gregory
10.109 Mobile Phone and Data Plan Allowance Ross, Susan
10.110 Contract Administration Policy Cross, Carolyn
11 Facilities and Real Estate
Number Policy Name Responsible
11.100 Driving A Health Science Center Vehicle Policy Hartley, Jason
11.101 Mail Services General Policy Hartley, Jason
11.102 Central Receiving General Policy Hartley, Jason
12 Research
Number Policy Name Responsible
12.101 Research Conflict of Interest Ghorpade, Anuja
12.102 Research Integrity Ghorpade, Anuja
12.103 Export Controls Policy Ghorpade, Anuja
12.105 Use of Controlled Subtances in Research Ghorpade, Anuja
12.201 Protection of Human Research Subjects Policy Ghorpade, Anuja
12.301 Clinical Trials Policy Ghorpade, Anuja
12.401 IACUC Functions and Responsibilities Policy Ghorpade, Anuja
13 Grants Management
Number Policy Name Responsible
13.101 Advance Payments Ghorpade, Anuja
13.103 Authorized signature on grant submissions Ghorpade, Anuja
13.104 Subrecipient Monitoring Policy Ghorpade, Anuja
13.106 Cost Policy for Federal Grants Ghorpade, Anuja
13.108 Cost Transfers Ghorpade, Anuja
13.109 Disallowance of Expenditures Due to Audit Ghorpade, Anuja
13.110 Establishment of an Institutional File and Account Ghorpade, Anuja
13.111 Equipment and Supplies Acquired on Grants Ghorpade, Anuja
13.112 Negotiating and Accepting Research Agreements Ghorpade, Anuja
13.113 Overdraft Write-Off Policy Ghorpade, Anuja
13.114 Policy on Sponsored Projects Ghorpade, Anuja
13.115 Principal Investigator Eligibility Ghorpade, Anuja
13.116 Principal Investigator Responsibilities for Financial Oversight of Grants and Contracts Ghorpade, Anuja
13.117 Responsibilities of Authorized Signers on Project IDs Ghorpade, Anuja
13.118 Significant Absence of a Principal Investigator Ghorpade, Anuja
13.119 Submission of Proposals for External Funding Ghorpade, Anuja
13.120 Facilities and Administrative Costs Recovery and Distribution Ghorpade, Anuja
13.121 Effort Reporting Ghorpade, Anuja
13.122 Cost Sharing Ghorpade, Anuja
13.123 Management of Gifts and Grants Ghorpade, Anuja
13.124 Multiple Principal Investigators Ghorpade, Anuja
14 UNTHealth
Number Policy Name Responsible
14.100 Policy on the Performance of Outside Clinical Practice Activity (Moonlighting) Willis, Susan
14.101 Leave Request Process and Coverage of Clinical Assignment Policy Beck, Eric
14.102 Customer Service and Telephone Etiquette Willis, Susan
14.103 Patient Appointment Scheduling Willis, Susan
14.104 Patient Registration and Arrival Beck, Eric
14.108 Interpretation Services Beck, Eric
14.110 Telephone Message and Return Phone Calls Willis, Susan
14.130 UNT Health Dress Code Willis, Susan
14.140 Guidelines for Utilization of Scribes Ramirez, Desiree
14.151 Eligibility for Group Practice Discount Program Beck, Eric
14.152 Patient Accounts Receivable Discounts Beck, Eric
14.155 Refund Policy Ramirez, Desiree
14.160 Advance Beneficiary Notice of Non-coverage Willis, Susan
14.201 Notice of Privacy Practices Beck, Eric
14.202 Accounting of Disclosures of PHI Ramirez, Desiree
14.203 Amendment of Protected Health Information Ramirez, Desiree
14.204 Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information Willis, Susan
14.205 Specially Protected Medical Records Beck, Eric
14.206 Confidential Channel Communication Request Ramirez, Desiree
14.207 Personal Representatives Ramirez, Desiree
14.208 Patient Access to Health Information Beck, Eric
14.210 Limited Data Sets Ramirez, Desiree
14.211 Right of an Individual to Request Restriction of Uses and Disclosures of Protected Health Information (PHI) Beck, Eric
14.212 Verification of Individuals Requesting Protected Health Information Willis, Susan
14.213 Permitted Uses and Disclosures of PHI: Victims of Abuse, Neglect or Domestic Violence Ramirez, Desiree
14.214 Permitted Uses and Disclosures of PHI: Judicial and Administrative Proceedings Ramirez, Desiree
14.215 Permitted Uses and Disclosures of PHI: Law Enforcement Purposes Ramirez, Desiree
14.216 Permitted Uses and Disclosures of PHI: Research Purposes Ramirez, Desiree
14.217 Permitted Uses and Disclosures of PHI: Health Oversight Agencies Ramirez, Desiree
14.218 Permitted Uses and Disclosures of PHI: To Avert a Serious Threat to Health and Safety Ramirez, Desiree
14.219 Uses and Disclosures of PHI for Fundraising Beck, Eric
14.220 Uses and Disclosures of PHI for which Authorization is Required Beck, Eric
14.221 Mitigating violations of Security and Privacy Related Polices and Procedures Ramirez, Desiree
14.222 Minimum Necessary Disclosures of PHI Ramirez, Desiree
14.223 Faxing Protected Health Information Ramirez, Desiree
14.224 De-Identification of Protected Health Information Ramirez, Desiree
14.225 Permitted Disclosures- Coroners and Medical Examiners Ramirez, Desiree
14.226 Permitted Uses and Disclosures of Protected Health Information: Decedents Beck, Eric
14.227 Permitted Uses and Disclosures of PHI without an Authorization Beck, Eric
14.230 Physician/Provider Shadowing Willis, Susan
14.240 Compliance Training Beck, Eric
14.250 Electronic Protected Health Information HIPAA Compliance Policy Ramirez, Desiree
14.301 Proper Management of Sample Medications in the Office Setting Willis, Susan
14.303 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training Beck, Eric
14.304 Patient Rights and Responsibilities Willis, Susan
14.305 Patient Complaint and Grievance Policy Willis, Susan
14.306 Patient Disengagement Ramirez, Desiree
14.307 Missed Appointments Beck, Eric
14.308 Emergency and Resuscitation Equipment, Supplies and Medications Willis, Susan
14.309 Medical Emergencies in Clinical Areas Willis, Susan
14.310 Universal Protocol Verification Process for Invasive Procedures Willis, Susan
14.315 Physician Delegation to Pharmacists under a Drug Therapy Management Prot Beck, Eric
14.340 Credentialing and Privileging Licensed Practitioners Beck, Eric
14.401 General Consent to Treatment Ramirez, Desiree
14.402 Informed Consent Ramirez, Desiree
14.405 Purpose and Membership of the Risk Management Sub-Committee Ramirez, Desiree
14.409 Medical Peer Review Willis, Susan
14.410 Nursing Peer Review Willis, Susan
14.411 Policy on Professional Behavior Willis, Susan
14.415 Reporting Abuse or Neglect and Providing Notice to Victims of Family Violence (00062540-2) Beck, Eric
14.514 Government Investigation Ramirez, Desiree
14.515 Compliance Audit Refund Process Ramirez, Desiree
14.516 Routine Audits of Health Care Claims Willis, Susan
14.518 Covering Provider Ramirez, Desiree
14.520 Billing for New Hire Physicians Ramirez, Desiree
14.521 Incident To Billing in an Office Setting Beck, Eric
14.522 Physician Payment Under Locum Tenens Arrangements Beck, Eric
14.523 Billing for Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies Willis, Susan
14.524 Electronic Health Record Code Selection and Prompt Functions Willis, Susan
14.525 Cloning of Medical Information Willis, Susan
14.601 Electronic Health Record Policy Beck, Eric
14.605 EHR Contingency Policy Willis, Susan
14.606 Abstraction and Scanning Paper Medical Records to Electronic Health Records Willis, Susan
14.607 Standard Fees for Medical Record Release of Information and Completion of Forms Willis, Susan
14.650 UNT Health IT Change Management Policy Beck, Eric
15 School Procedures
General and Student Affairs
Number Policy Name Responsible
15.200 GSBS - Academic Procedures Singh, Meharvan
15.201 GSBS - Application Singh, Meharvan
15.203 GSBS - Admission to Probationary Status Singh, Meharvan
15.204 GSBS - Admission of Students to Non-Degree Status Singh, Meharvan
15.205 GSBS Annual Performance Review Singh, Meharvan
15.206 GSBS - Concurrent Enrollment at Another Institution Singh, Meharvan
15.207 GSBS - Change of Degree Program Singh, Meharvan
15.208 GSBS - Change of Discipline Singh, Meharvan
15.209 GSBS - Courses Taken for PhD Credit by MS students Singh, Meharvan
15.210 GSBS - Readmission of Former Students Singh, Meharvan
15.211 GSBS - Auditing Singh, Meharvan
15.212 GSBS - Graduation Requirements Singh, Meharvan
15.213 GSBS - Courses of Instruction Singh, Meharvan
15.214 GSBS Leave of Absence Singh, Meharvan
15.215 GSBS - Final Examination Singh, Meharvan
15.216 GSBS - Full Time Enrollment Singh, Meharvan
15.217 GSBS - Graduate Advisor Singh, Meharvan
15.218 GSBS - Supplement for Students Receiving Extramural Funding Singh, Meharvan
15.220 GSBS - Quality of Work Required Singh, Meharvan
15.221 GSBS - Probation and Suspension Singh, Meharvan
15.222 GSBS - Course Duplication Singh, Meharvan
15.226 GSBS - Removal of Incomplete Singh, Meharvan
MD School Procedure
Number Policy Name Responsible
15.800 MD School Planning - Time and Effort Tracking 5 Allen, Jolie
Number Policy Name Responsible
15.415 SHP - Leave of Absence Peel, Claire
SHP - Physical Therapy Program
Number Policy Name Responsible
15.300 SHP - DPT Program Admissions Salem, Yasser
15.301 SHP - DPT Graduation Requirements Salem, Yasser
15.302 SHP - DPT Health and Technical Standards Salem, Yasser
15.303 SHP - DPT Student Involvement in Clinical Activities Salem, Yasser
15.304 SHP - DPT Transfer of Course Credit Salem, Yasser
15.305 SHP - DPT Remediation Salem, Yasser
15.306 SHP - PT Promotions, Probation, Dismissal Salem, Yasser
SHP - Physician Assistant Program
Number Policy Name Responsible
15.401 SHP - PA Awards Barron, Kirk
15.402 SHP - PA Applicant Screening Policy Barron, Kirk
15.403 SHP - PA Clinical Site Selection Barron, Kirk
15.404 SHP - PA Student Employment Barron, Kirk
15.405 SHP - PA Prerequisite Admission Requirements Barron, Kirk
15.407 SHP - PA Student Involvement in Patient Care Activities Barron, Kirk
15.408 SHP - PA Transfer of Course Credit Barron, Kirk
15.409 SHP - PA Student Service Work Barron, Kirk
15.410 SHP - PA Health and Technical Standards Barron, Kirk
15.411 SHP - PA Graduation Requirements Barron, Kirk
15.412 SHP - PA Promotion, Probation, Dismissal for Students Entering the MPAS Program Prior to July 2017 Barron, Kirk
15.413 SHP Physician Assistant Promotions, Probation and Dismissal for Students Entering the MPAS Program July 2017 Barron, Kirk
15.414 SHP - PA Advance Placement and Course Waivers Barron, Kirk
Number Policy Name Responsible
15.601 SPH - Dropping Courses Smethers, Misty
15.602 SPH - Adding Courses Smethers, Misty
15.603 SPH - Appeal - Grievance Process Smethers, Misty
15.604 SPH - Application for the Completion of the Degree Smethers, Misty
15.605 SPH - Auditing Smethers, Misty
15.606 SPH - Concurrent Enrollment at Another Institution Smethers, Misty
15.607 SPH - Change of Department - Concentration Area Smethers, Misty
15.609 SPH - Enrollment of Continuing Students Smethers, Misty
15.610 SPH - Non-Degree Admission of Students Smethers, Misty
15.611 SPH - Pass - No Pass Grading Smethers, Misty
15.612 SPH - Re-Admission of Former Students Smethers, Misty
15.613 SPH - Time Limitations Smethers, Misty
15.614 SPH - Use of Transfer Credit Smethers, Misty
15.615 SPH - Probation,Dismissal, and Graduation Smethers, Misty
15.616 SPH - Repeating Courses Smethers, Misty
15.617 SPH - Graduation Requirements Smethers, Misty
15.618 SPH - Grade Appeal Policy and Procedures Smethers, Misty
15.619 SPH - Leave of Absence Smethers, Misty
15.621 SPH - MPH Admission Requirements Smethers, Misty
15.622 SPH - MHA Admission Requirements Smethers, Misty
15.623 SPH - DrPH Admission Requirements Smethers, Misty
15.624 SPH - Course Waiver Policy Smethers, Misty
15.625 SPH Graduate Certificate Admission Requirements Smethers, Misty
Number Policy Name Responsible
15.501 TCOM - Advanced Placement Waivers and Transfer of Course Credit Filipetto, Frank
15.502 TCOM - Application Procedures Filipetto, Frank
15.503 TCOM - Applicant Selection Filipetto, Frank
15.504 TCOM - Early Decision Program Filipetto, Frank
15.505 TCOM - Training Grants Concerning Osteopathic Medical Students Filipetto, Frank
15.510 TCOM - Academic Honors and Class Rank Filipetto, Frank
15.511 TCOM - Academic Probation Filipetto, Frank
15.512 TCOM - Auditing Filipetto, Frank
15.513 TCOM - Dismissal Policy Filipetto, Frank
15.514 TCOM - Leave of Absence Filipetto, Frank
15.515 TCOM - Requirements for Graduation Filipetto, Frank
15.516 TCOM - Withdrawal Filipetto, Frank
15.520 TCOM - Advanced Standing and Student Transfers Filipetto, Frank
15.521 TCOM - Basic Science Relevance in Clinical Courses Filipetto, Frank
15.522 TCOM - Clinical Relevance in Basic Science Courses Filipetto, Frank
15.523 TCOM - Examination and Quiz Administration Filipetto, Frank
15.524 TCOM - Course Learning Objectives Filipetto, Frank
15.525 TCOM - Failed Course and Remediation Filipetto, Frank
15.526 TCOM - Incomplete Grades Filipetto, Frank
15.531 TCOM - Exam Construction Filipetto, Frank
15.532 TCOM - Examinations Scoring and Re-Scoring Protocol Filipetto, Frank
15.533 TCOM - Secure Examination Item Bank Filipetto, Frank
15.534 TCOM - Failed Examinations Filipetto, Frank
15.535 TCOM - Make-Up Examinations Filipetto, Frank
15.537 TCOM Post Exam Review Filipetto, Frank
15.538 TCOM - Subject Exam and Comprehensive Exam Filipetto, Frank
15.540 TCOM - Clerkship Uniform Policy and Procedures Requirements Filipetto, Frank
15.541 TCOM Attendance Filipetto, Frank
15.542 TCOM Student Promotion Filipetto, Frank
15.543 TCOM Semester Credit Hours Filipetto, Frank
15.544 TCOM Course Evaluation Filipetto, Frank
15.545 TCOM - National Board Examinations Policy Filipetto, Frank
UNTS College of Pharmacy
Number Policy Name Responsible
15.701 SCP - Assignment of Grades Jacobson, Myron
15.702 SCP - Make-up of Missed Graded Academic Events in Didactic Courses, Laboratory Courses, and IPPEs Jacobson, Myron
15.703 SCP-Student Complaints related to ACPE Accreditation Standards and Procedures Jacobson, Myron
15.704 SCP - Grade Appeals Jacobson, Myron
15.705 SCP - Leave of Absence Jacobson, Myron
15.706 SCP -Examination Administration Jacobson, Myron
15.707 SCP Advanced Placement Waivers Policy Jacobson, Myron
15.708 SCP - Class Rank and Dean's List Jacobson, Myron
15.709 SCP - Electives from Other Colleges or Schools of Pharmacy Jacobson, Myron
15.710 SCP - Transfer Policy Jacobson, Myron
15.711 Approved Absences in Didactic Courses, Laboratory Courses and Introduction to Pharmacy Practice Experiences Jacobson, Myron
15.712 SCP APPE Attendance and Required Hours Jacobson, Myron
15.713 SCP - Rotation Assignment Appeal Jacobson, Myron