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Number Policy Name Responsible
05.611 Compensatory Leave and Overtime Perdue, Dana
05.614 Other Paid Leaves Perdue, Dana
05.616 Sick Leave Donation Perdue, Dana
05.801 Retirement Plans and Annuities Perdue, Dana
07.128 Student Policy - Enrollment Status During Appeal of Expulsion, Suspension, or Administrative Withdrawal Moorman, Thomas
09.200 Naming Policy White, Doug
14.240 Compliance Training Beck, Eric
14.303 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training Beck, Eric
14.410 Nursing Peer Review Willis, Susan
15.412 SHP - PA Promotion, Probation, Dismissal for Students Entering the MPAS Program Prior to July 2017 Barron, Kirk
15.413 SHP Physician Assistant Promotions, Probation and Dismissal for Students Entering the MPAS Program July 2017 Barron, Kirk
15.523 TCOM - Examination and Quiz Administration Filipetto, Frank
15.615 SPH - Probation,Dismissal, and Graduation Smethers, Misty